Stabilo Free Your True Colors

2015 - 2016 France retail roadshow


Stabilo France called us at the Free Your True Colors roadshow to promote the new EASY pen collection to kids. They needed a creative, entertaining installation with an online sharing feature.


Our idea was to adapt our WE ARE COLORS™ solution to the campaign layout with an online sharing feature. In 2015, the kids coloured and scanned butterflies and flowers to animate them in a digital world. In 2016, we update the installation with a spaceship and a rocket in 3D.


We developed a recording feature for each animation displayed on the screen, so the parents could share their creations online.


We briefed the technical staff to set up the system in each commercial centre and assisted them online during the roadshow.


We also delivered statistics and data from the project to Stabilo.

Client: Stabilo France

Event: Retail Roadshow in France in 2015 & 2016

Event agency: Strada Marketing



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