DOW faceofinnovation

K 2016 trade fair, Düsseldorf Germany


The German event agency AWZ called on us to work for Dow for the K 2016 trade fair in Düsseldorf. Our mission was to create an interactive experience around the faceofinnovation main communication concept: “Behind every success are the people who make it happen… Together, we are the faceofinnovation”


AWZ’s idea was to give each visitor the chance to be part of the “faceofinnovation” experience by taking pictures and sharing comments at the Dow stand.

Finally, AWZ wanted to continue the experience after the event with an online faceofinnovation gallery on the Dow website.


For the Dow stand, AWZ chose our WE ARE LOGO™ solution to engage visitors and create, several times a day, a real-time “faceofinnovation” on a 2440 x 1890 pixels LED screen.
We booked a Sharingbox photo booth and worked closely with them on development to receive pictures, filters, names and comments made by visitors.
We designed an iPad moderation app to let our client validate all content and tag VIPs before we sent emails to visitors with their picture, but also before we displayed the animated content on the LED screen.

We also developed a Social Wall for the #faceofinnovation Twitter posts moderated by our client.


In the open space of the trade fair grounds, every day we produced a video of the faceofinnovation, which was displayed on 4 Full HD LED screens.


After the event, we produced an online faceofinnovation mosaic picture for the dedicated Dow event website, where visitors could search for their picture and Download it.

Client: DOW

Agency: AWZ GmbH
Photo booth: Sharingbox

Technical provider: K 2016



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