ARTECHOUSE Spirit Of Autumn

Washington DC, USA


ARTECHOUSE, a new museum in Washington DC specialising in digital art, asked us for an interactive installation for September 2017.

In two months, we had to create a brand-new experience that would generate visitors and a buzz on the Internet.


We created Spirit Of Autumn, an interactive and participative installation based on the autumn theme.

Visitors took part in the experience by customising an autumn leaf on paper.

Digitalised, it appeared in real time in the wind of the autumn landscape before being integrated into one of the five interactive stations:

The leaf ballet: leaves from an old tree came to dance around the visitor silhouette.

The pile of leaves: visitors had fun hitting the leaves with their feet.

The body of leaves: the visitors’ silhouettes were transformed into autumn-coloured giants.

Rain and thunder: by clapping their hands, visitors triggered rain and thunder.


In one month, more than 15 000 leaves have been coloured.


We were in charge of the art direction and scenography.

We developed the installation in 9824 x 1780 pixels and mapped it on the 10 video projectors installed by Silva Sveta.

We created the interactive sound design, the visuals having been produced with ARTECHOUSE.

The interactive stations were based on our WE ARE solutions and the maintenance was managed online.



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